Combined Ranikhet (Newcastle) Disease, Avian Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, Inactivated.

DESCRIPTIONGlobiVac® ND+IB+IBDK is an inactivated, combined water-in-oil emulsion vaccine containing LaSota strain of Ranikhet (Newcastle) disease virus, highly immunogenic strain of Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus (Massachusetts type) and highly immunogenic strain of Infectious Bursal disease virus.
Composition:Each dose contains NLT 50 PD50 of Inactivated Newcastle Disease (ND) virus, LaSota strain, Inactivated Infectious Bronchitis (IB) virus to induce HI titre NLT 1:64 and Inactivated Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) virus, intermediate plus strain to induce NLT 1:8 AGID units.
IndicationFor active immunization of chickens against Ranikhet (Newcastle) disease, Avian Infectious Bronchitis Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease and for passive immunization in parental flocks by transfer of maternal antibodies to young progeny chicks.
Method of administration:Allow the vaccine to reach ambient temperature (150C to 250C) before use. Shake well before and intermittently during administration of vaccine. Use sterile 18-20G needle and inject 0.5 mL per bird intramuscularly in thigh region or subcutaneously in the lower back of neck.
Storage: Store in dark place at +20C to +80C. Protect from sunlight. Do not freeze.
Package:GlobiVac® ND+IB+IBDK 1000 doses is packed in 500 mL HDPE bottles.