Ideal Toxin Binder

Composition:Each kg contains
Calcium bentonite 810 gm
Activated carbon 90 gm
Calcium propionate 40 gm
Sodium benzoate 10 gm
MOS 10 gm
Excipients q.s.
Dose:1 kg/ton of feed
Or as advised by the Veterinarian / Consultant.
Package:25 Kg Bag
FeaturesIdeal toxin binder
Broad Spectrum Activity
Mannan oligosaccharides
Orgainc acids
BenefitsEliminate ill effect of all types of mycotoxins and their metabolites
Adsorption of pesticides and fertilizer residues
Provides larger adsorptive area and prebiotics for intestinal microflora
Improves health status optimizes performance of birds
Inhibit mould growth
Reduces stress