For Stimulation of Egg Production

Composition:Each Kg contains
Vitamin A 1.400 gm
Vitamin D3 0.005 gm
Vitamin C (coated) 14.0 gm
Vitamin E 5.5 gm
L-Lysine HCl 11.0 gm
DL-Methionine 11.0 gm
Manganese sulphate 5.0 gm
Ferrous sulphate 3.0 gm
Sodium chloride 10.0 gm
Zinc sulphate 5.5 gm
S. cervisaie 13.6 gm
Aloe Barbedensis 10.0 gm
Xanthocarpum 10.0 gm
Chromium Amino Acid (Organic) 10.0 gm
Dosage:Commercial layer
500 gm/ton of feed during entire laying period
Breeder layers
750 gm/ton of feed during entire laying period
Or as advised by the Veterinarian / Consultant.
Package:10 Kg Bag
FeaturesEmodin is having estrogenic effect
Calcitriol helps in calcium absorption
Coated Vitamin C
Organic Chromium
Vitamin E
Added minerals
BenefitsBetter ovulatory cycle which improves egg production
Reduces breakage and improves egg shell thickness.
Reduces hairline crack in egg shell
Improves carbohydrate metabolism
Improves hatchability
Better nutrient utilization