The Ultimate Solution for Egg Shell Breakage and Bone Health

Composition:Each kg contains
Vitamin D3 NLT 1875000 IU
25-Hydroxicolecalcipherol NLT 125000 IU
Vitamin C NLT 17500 mg
Choline chloride NLT 25000 mg
DL-Methionine NLT 7000 mg
Monocalcium phosphate NLT 220000 mg
Calcium carbonate NLT 420000 mg
Calcium formate NLT 50000 mg
Calcium Propionate NLT 5000 mg
Magnesium oxide NLT 50000 mg
Copper suplhate NLT 1250 mg
Zinc sulphate monohydrate NLT 8500 mg
Zinc chelate NLT 1500 mg
Manganese sulphate NLT 15000 mg
Manganese chelate NLT 1500 mg
Ferrous Sulphate NLT 1025 mg
Ferrous chelate NLT 225 mg
BHT NLT 150 mg
Carrier Sodium Calcium
salt of feeding fatty Acids q.s.
500 gm/ton of feed.
From prelay to peak production
From 45th week onwards upto culling
1 kg/ton of feed for first 4 weeks and 500 gm/ton of feed till cullling
Or as advised by the Veterinarian / Consultant.
Package:25 Kg Bag
FeaturesUnique combination of nutrients
Four forms of calcium incorporated
Chelated trace minerals
Salts of organic acids
Combination of minerals
BenefitsImproves egg shell quality
Better availability and absorption of calcium, controls egg breakage
Better bio availability of trace minerals and complete utilization
Better mineral solubilization and leads to effective utilization
Maintain better productivity