Ideal for Healthy Intestines, Eliminates Clostridial Infections

Composition:Each Kg contains
Enramycin HCl 80 gm
(Enramycin 8%)
Method of administration:Prophylactic
Broiler Prestarter 125 gm
Broiler Starter 125 gm
Broiler Finisher 100 gm
Commercial Layers 150 gm ton of feed

Broiler and layer 300 gm per ton of feed
Or as advised by the Veterinarian / Consultant.
Package:20 Kg Bag
FeaturesMIC is 0.2 which is least among all AGPs
Gut acting and not used in human and veterinary drug
BenefitsEffective against clostridial problem such as gangrenous dermatitis, gizzard erosion. Most effective against enteric gram positive infection like Necrotic enteritis.
As a preventive measure of high risk age of Gangrenous Dermatitis during 6 to 16 weeks in commercial layers
No residue in meat or egg, so no chance of human health issue
Sustain pelleting temperature