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A training programme on "Achievement Motivation"

During the recent Annual Budget Meeting in early April, 2013, Globion organized one day training programme on Achievement Motivation. The training was conducted by Mr. Sreenivas Murthy who has over 18 years of corporate experience of facilitating transformation in people as a Coach and Facilitator. The training program gave insights in various important aspects viz. essence of communication, its objectives etc. to emphasize that if the “diagnosis” of a customer is good , one can give better “ solution” to the customer. The trainer explained how to understand what motivates the person/customer and how to expand “ Circle of Control” instead of worrying on “ Circle of concern” to be happy. The achievers always try to take calculated risk, operate from zone of excellence and learn from feedbacks. All the team members of Globion appreciated the training programme very much with the commitment to extend the learning in their day-to-day professional life.

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