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Globion’s state-of-the-art poultry vaccine manufacturing plant is located in a 12 acre campus in the APIIC Genome Valley, Biotech Park Phase III at Hyderabad. The project with an investment of 15 Million USD fully complies BSL-2, Schedule-M and cGMP requirements. The plant is designed to produce both the - Live and Inactivated - poultry vaccines by Chick Embryo, Tissue Culture and Fermentation based methods. All the production and testing labs are fabricated with clean room panels. These are also equipped with independent air handling units to get required air classification and required pressure regimes in the laboratories. The personnel employed are with relevant educational background, well trained and equipped to perform the operations in highly efficient methods.

Production Facilities:
  • Chick Embryo operation labs.
  • Dedicated Tissue culture preparation lab.
  • Separate Tissue culture, Infection and Harvest lab.
  • Blending, filling and Freeze drying lab for Live vaccine with state-of-the-art vial filling machine and CIP & SIP compliant lyophilizer.
  • Blending, emulsification and filling lab for Inactivated vaccines with automated emulsification vessels & filling line.
  • Material preparation and sterilization labs.
  • Dynamic hatches and Pass boxes.
  • Antigen cold stores.
  • Quarantine cold stores.
  • Separate entry and exits areas for personnel and material.
  • Dedicated decontamination area.
  • Dedicated areas for live and inactivated vaccine labeling and packing with semi-automatic labeling machines.

Quality Control:
  • Chemical and Packaging material testing lab.
  • Dedicated labs for Salmonella & Mycoplasma testing.
  • Microbiology testing lab.
  • Sterility testing lab.
  • Chick embryo operation lab.
  • Tissue culture testing lab.
  • Environmental monitoring lab.
  • Designated Preparatory and Decontamination areas.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art high precision equipments like TOC analyser, Karl Fischer titrator, CO2 incubators, Bacteriological incubators, Stability chambers, Biosafety cabinets etc.

Research & Development:
  • Dedicated R & D team working on development of novel solutions to address infectious diseases of poultry.
  • R & D team works closely with eminent scientists of the world to enable knowledge creation, development of novel products and continual development of existing products.
  • Continuous development on propagation methods in cell lines/ fermentation, scaling up/ formulation and analytical methods to meet International regulatory standards.
  • Strong biological developmental group which has developed multiple products which are on the verge of commercialization.
  • Focus on developing customized solutions in the areas of disease investigation, diagnosis, customized vaccine etc.

Animal House:
  • One of the most modern animal house in Vaccine industry.
  • Meeting CPCSEA guidelines.
  • Classified & environment controlled.
  • Dedicated and fully isolated areas for rearing, immunization and challenge experiments in SPF chicken. Animal house connected with incinerator.

Engineering & Maintenance:
  • Building Management System (BMS) controlled Air handling units.
  • Modern water treatment plants- De-mineralized and Reverse osmosis plant. 550 TR air conditioning system.
  • 1250 KVA stand-by generators and 60 KVA UPS for continuous power supply for critical operations.
  • 3 Ton Boilers, Pure Steam Generator, Water for Injection generator, WFI and HPW distribution loops with continuous recirculation.
  • All utilities supplied to required areas through service pendants.
  • Walkable false ceiling for manufacturing and testing areas for carrying out maintenance.

  • Spacious and meeting cGMP requirements for raw material, packing material and finished goods.
  • Sterile and Nonsterile dispensing areas, cold rooms, dedicated hazardous material store are all part of the warehouse.

Quality Assurance activities:
  • Monitoring implementation & continual improvement of cGMP & International standards.
  • Adequate documentation systems to comply regulatory requirements.
  • Regular trainings to update new technology, knowledge and skills to deliver quality products.
  • Internal quality audits to verify and update the quality systems.

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