Globion's state-of-the-art poultry vaccine manufacturing plant is located in a 12 acre campus in the TSIIC Genome Valley, Biotech Park Phase III at Hyderabad. The facility with an investment of 15 Million USD fully complies BSL-2, Schedule-M and cGMP requirements, designed to produce both the - Live and Inactivated - poultry vaccines by Chick Embryo, Tissue Culture and Fermentation based methods. The Building Management System (BMS) is for controlling AHUs (Air Handling Units). Modern water treatment plants- De-mineralized and Reverse osmosis plant. 550 TR air conditioning system.

1250 KVA stand-by generators and 60 KVA UPS for continuous power supply for critical operations. 3 Ton Boilers, Pure Steam Generator, Water for Injection generator, WFI and HPW distribution loops with continuous recirculation. All utilities supplied to required areas through service pendants. Walkable false ceiling for manufacturing and testing areas for carrying out maintenance.