GlobiVac® ND unique

GlobiVac® ND UNIQUE is a live vaccine for the control of Newcastle Disease.

Doses 200 doses 500 doses 1000 doses
GTIN NO. 8906065789077 8906065789084 8906065789091

The vaccine is presented as a lyophilized powder containing a live lentogenic TANUVAS D 58 strain.

GlobiVac® ND UNIQUE can be applied via drinking water, spray or eyedrop or oral/nasal drop after resuspension.

GlobiVac® ND UNIQUE- a live freeze dried thermostable vaccine can be used in broilers, layers as well as breeders.

Haemorrhagic ulcers in intestines

A Five Point Winning Mantra
  • Natural origin
  • Very low ICPI(0.14)
  • Enterotropic i.e. minimalrespiratory reactions
  • Thermostable clone
  • Genetically stable

*Sequence of FPCS region of NDV isolates obtained with TANUVAS 058 strain of NDV (Ref; Ananth et al, 2008)

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