GlobiVac® IB H120

Solid Protectection!
IB Control through GlobiVac range of IB vaccines.

Doses 200 doses 500 doses 1000 doses
GTIN NO. 8906065789169 8906065789176 8906065789183

Features of GlobiVac® IB H120:
  • Massachussetts serotype-the most important protectotype.
  • H 120 strain-Used across the world for the past 50 years.
  • Broad spectrum protection against other serotypes.
  • H 120 usage in broilers reduces secondary bacterial infections.
  • For layers, breeders and broilers.

Live vaccine (freeze-dried) for poultry against IB.
For administration via drinking water or by spray/ocular after resuspension.

  • 1 dose contains min. 103.5 EID50 IB virus, strain Massachusetts H120.

Host system:
  • SPF chicken embryo.

  • Active immunisation of susceptible chicks and pullets against IB

Vaccination schedule:
  • To obtain adequate immunity, the first vaccination should be carried out in the 1st week of life with GlobiVac┬« IB H120 followed by vaccinations in 4th, 8th & 12th week of life.

The immunity induced is maintained during the first year of life.

  • Do not vaccinate clinically ill or weekened birds.

Interaction with other products:
  • Not known

Direction for use:
  • Administer 1 dose per bird.

  • Keep at + 5oC (+/- 3oC). Do not freeze. Protect from sunlight.

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