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Incorporated in October 2006, Globion is located in Hyderabad- a city of Poultry Strategic importance at genome valley, Biotech Park, Phase III. Globion intends to produce world class poultry vaccines by complying to cGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

The biotech industry has witnessed a steep growth in past decades. The accelerated growth was witnessed not in agriculture production, but also in biopharmaceutical production. This has transformed conventional methods of medication and vaccination to a new era with many novel products and its applications.

Globion has commissioned a state-of-the-art Vaccine manufacturing facility complying with GMP standards. Globion produces a basket of Poultry Vaccines – Live and Inactivated --for Breeders, Layers and Broilers under . The products are marketed under the brand “GlobiVac”.

Poultry Industry globally has become the most formidable source of Food Basket ensuring Food Security of World . However globalization of this industry has also thrown challenges to each major Poultry Producing Country with respect to control emerging and re emerging diseases. One of the best tool to offer this and ensuring Food safety is Research and Solution driven vaccination and disease control.

Globion recognizes the need of Research and Development and is committed to invest in this segment heavily. Its R & D unit has already received recognition by Department of Science and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Globion is also engaged in many futuristic product development by aligning with many local and international Research Institution.

The future of biotechnological application in Poultry industry will be towards prevention and disease diagnosis using molecular biology and development of novel vaccines. The poultry industry has always felt that there is a qualitative and quantitative gap between demand and supply of vaccines. Globion will fill this gap by ensuring continuous development and delivery of world class vaccines.

Our Mission

By creating a state of the art facility where convergence of technology, mind and heart takes place to ensure development and delivery of world class vaccines to our customers consistently meeting global standards through continuous improvement in technology and skill.

Our Vision

Healthy Chicken for Healthy Human is what we aspire. A smile on the farmer's face, a confidence in consumer's mind through a series of technologically advanced world class products by becoming one of the world's most respected Vaccine manufactures .

Quality Policy

"Manufacture of vaccines and Diagnostics of global Quality, for veterinary purpose, meeting regulatory standards and supply to customers on time to acheive customer's delight through implementation and continual improvement of cGMP, ISO 9001: QMS and OHSAS systems".


  • Development of best technology to manufacture products to meet International Standards.
  • Establishment of adequate documentation system to comply with GMP/GLP regulations.
  • To train personnel regularly to update their knowledge, skills and competitiveness to ensure quality delivery.
  • To adopt and upgrade new technological breakthrough in manufacturing technologies.
  • To comply with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • To satisfy customer requirements with quality, delivery and cost.


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