Biosecurity starts with water sanitation...

The complete solution for safe water! HydroSafe is an ideal composition for complete water sanitation which prevents water borne diseases in birds.

  • Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 7 % w/v
  • Citric Acid 8 % w/v
  • Aqueous Base Q.S.

Haemorrhagic ulcers in intestines    Haemorrhagic ulcers in intestines    Haemorrhagic ulcers in intestines

  • Perfect blend of sanitizer and descaler
  • Has excellent surfactant property
  • Stable formulation
  • User friendly & biodegradable
  • Effective on all bacteria especially E.coli, virus, fungi etc.

  • Single product with dual benefits of water sanitation and descaling
  • dissolves biofilm - no choking, clogging or cracking of nipples
  • High residual effect by minimizing the chance of re-contamination
  • No adverse effect on the nipples and pipelines
  • Reduces treatment cost and increases productivity

RecommendationsDilution Rate
Regular water sanitationAdd 1 ml HydroSafe per 10 litres of water
For water sanitation + descaling effect Add 1 ml HydroSafe per litre of water for 8 hours This should be done continuously for 1 week in every month
For removal of biofilms (descaling)Add 25-50 ml HydroSafe per litre of water Fill the pipelines for 6 hours with the reconstituted solution Ensure that water supply is withheld during the descaling process to birds

  • 1 litre
  • 5 litres HDPE containers


Avoid using HydroSafe as water sanitizer when live vaccines are given through drinking water.

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